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We are about building the school from the ground up.  We review data, needs, processes, policy, opinions, and more.  We use our experience to help build something great.  You’re probably doing good – you may be doing great.  We can help you do better and spread the word.  How?  Research, experience, and application.   How do we do it?  Through process building, communication facilitation, and by implementing cutting edge SEO and Analytics to your online presence.

Our Story

We are a team of educators at the top of innovation and design.  We are school principals who understand that time and money are in very short supply.  So we’re here to help you maximize both.

Meet the Team

We are a team of Education Professionals in business to help you succeed.  We are dedicated to cutting through the philosophical rhetoric to get down to specific action that will help you succeed.

Dr. Spike Cook

Founder & CEO

I am currently the Principal for the Lakeside Middle School in Millville, NJ. Since arriving at RM Bacon in 2011 and Lakeside in 2014, I have worked collaboratively with parents, staff and students to build a world class elementary school. We consider Lakeside Middle the most connected school in the Millville Public Schools. We have a weekly blog, twitter and facebook page. Many of our teachers have their own classroom blogs. Our school was featured in the ASCD instructional video on Classroom Instruction That Works volume 2, and Pearson’s EnVision Math video series.

Educational Philosophy:

My educational philosophy is based on the notion that all students can learn. I believe that teachers should use research-based techniques while making data-based decisions to increase student achievement. I view all students as individuals who possess a unique approach to their own learning. I believe that Lakeside Middle School, along with the entire Millville School District, is world class!

Source: thefoxisblack.com

Source: thefoxisblack.com

Leadership Platform:
I operate as a servant leader because I feel a responsibility to those I lead. This is accomplished by building trusting relationships, providing an opportunity for personal and professional growth, and promoting a collaborative environment in which everyone becomes a stakeholder.

I also utilize transformational leadership. Similar to servant leaders, transformational leaders encourage collaboration rather than individual work. Transformational leaders invigorate their followers by being charismatic and excited about the vision of the organization. In addition, transformational leaders raise people to new levels of commitment to the organization.

The third aspect to my leadership platform is social justice. Social Justice Leaders promote equity and justice for students and attempt to establish school climates in which patterns of discrimination are challenged and negated. To achieve equity and justice, I use four approaches to challenge the status quo: improving experiences for those who have been mistreated, changing the way students and teachers view stereotypes, challenging the invisible dynamics in society that favor some groups over others, and addressing reasons why education has been difficult to practice.

Spike Cook and Ceri Dean

Spike Cook and Ceri Dean

Upon graduating from Eastern Regional High School, I entered Rowan University in 1992 through the Educational Opportunity Fund (EOF). During my time at Rowan I was active in numerous organizations such as Alpha Phi Alpha Fraternity, Inc., Glassboro Environmental Organization, Residence Life, March of Dimes Walk America, and a mentor through the Harley Flack Mentoring Program and Delsea Mentoring Program. I organized the annual College Day for 200 middle school students in 1997.

I graduated in 1997 with a Bachelors of Arts degree in English Literature. I then attended the Graduate School at Rowan University and majored in Student Personnel Services. During graduate school, I was a Residence Hall Director for two years. As a residence hall director I supervised 20 Resident Assistants and was responsible for managing 300 students. I graduated with a Masters of Arts degree in 1999.

I returned to graduate college in the fall of 2004 and enrolled in the Master’s Degree in Education Administration at Rowan University. I researched the impact of learning theories in decreasing discipline referrals. I graduated in the spring of 2006.

In the fall of 2006 I continued his pursuit of his ultimate goal, a doctorate. I enrolled in the Educational Leadership program at Rowan University. Throughout my doctoral program, I researched Integrated Thematic Instruction as a curricular approach to assist teachers of at-risk students. I successfully defended my dissertation in February of 2009.

RM Bacon's first podcast was hosted by Mr. Hudson's class

RM Bacon’s first podcast was hosted by Mr. Hudson’s class

Teaching Experience:
I went through the Alternative Route Teaching program and taught at Camden’s Promise Charter School from 2000 – 2002. Throughout that experience, I taught elementary and middle school Math, Schools-To-Careers, and the Academy Major Selection Class. As a teacher, I integrated team building, critical thinking, and problem solving into all of his classes

As a guidance counselor, I continued to teach in addition to my counseling responsibilities. I taught classes on improving learning awareness, hands-on learning, writing across the curriculum, team building, decision making, and resolving conflicts peacefully.

In the summers, I taught during the time I was coordinator of the SHAPE Program. I taught lessons on team building and integrated learning, and used a variety of techniques to help students solve problems through construction, leisure games, and critical thinking.

Ready to go....

Ready to go….

Career Experience:

After graduate school, I began working for Union County College as an academic advisor with the EOF program. I advised 100 freshman and sophomore college students and began the Union County College Male Mentoring Program

In June of 2002, I began working for Delsea Regional High School District as a Middle School Guidance Counselor. In 2006 I was promoted to middle school Guidance Director. I facilitated several workshops for parents and teachers, coordinated the NJASK assessments, served as the program director for the Talent Search program, and advised several student clubs.

I was also the coordinator and lead developer of the Delsea Regional HS District’s summer SHAPE program. This summer enrichment program is thematic based and utilizes activities and strategies aimed at strengthening academic skills in Language Arts and Mathematics.  Academic classes are co-taught and students are intentionally grouped utilizing the Let Me Learn® process.  Students also participate in hands-on building projects tied into service-learning and team building.

In 2010, I went back to work for my Alma Mater, Rowan University. As the Executive Director of the Student Services Center of the College of Education, I was responsible for managing the field experiences, academic advising, and certification of education majors. I attended various county superintendent meetings, forged new partnerships with school districts, published the first newsletter on field experiences, and improved the customer service for advising.

Community Involvement:
I am a member of the Knights of Columbus in Washington Township. I am a volunteer coach for Washington Township Youth Soccer, Basketball and Baseball.

I served as the Vice Chair of the Gloucester County Professional Development Board from 2006 – 2009. I was also active in the Gloucester County Middle School Counselors Association, and the Delsea Regional School District’s New Jersey Quality Single Accountability (NJQSAC) operations committee. I have presented at several state and local conferences on Learning Theories, Making Connections through Thematic Instruction, Summer Program Effectiveness, and Team Building in the Classroom. I was the keynote speaker at the 2007 Rowan University Convocation.

Family:  I enjoy spending time with my Daughter Katherine, age 9 and my son Henry, age 12.



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Gregory J. Cappello, Esq.

Founder and President

I am currently the Principal of the Gloucester Township Campus of the Camden County Technical Schools, a National School of Character.  I continue to work with students, staff, parents, community members, and members of industry to help shed the old stereotypical vocational school labels and help transform into a cutting edge Technical School.

Educational Philosophy

I believe in extreme ownership of student learning.  There is now doubt that all students can learn, but unless driven educators take personal responsibility, student learning will never be maximized.  I believe that administration must hold that ownership close.  The administration needs to dedicate themselves to service, support, and passionate creative problem solving.


In 1994 I graduated from Lenape High School in Medford, New Jersey.  I enrolled at Rowan University, where I graduated in 3 1/2 years and immediately started my first Master’s Degree in Elementary Education, which I completed in 2000.  From there I went to Wilmington University and graduated with a Master’s Degree in Educational Leadership in 2001.  In September of 2002, I entered Rutgers Law School, with a concentration on Educational Law and Policy, graduating in the Spring of 2006.

Teaching Experience

I started my teaching career at Vineland High School where I taught 10th Grade English Literature.  At Vineland, I also taught in the Alternative Program and the Summer School Program.  This experience helped me to reach at risk students. Six years later, I began teaching Technology at Shawnee High School in Medford, New Jersey.  The contrast between the diverse culture in Vineland and the homogenous population at Shawnee helped me to compare and contrast the different needs of students.  While teaching, I had the opportunity to coach Football, Wrestling, Basketball, and Track.


In June of 2008, I started at the Athletic Director at Camden County Technical Schools.  In 2010, I moved to Assistant Principal and began applying to be a New Jersey School of Character.  Under my applications, we moved from an Emerging School to an Honorable Mention to a New Jersey School of Character to a National School of Character.  This impressive honor was the result of a large amount of Character Education programming that was targeted at students, especially those at risk.  While Assistant Principal, I created three programs that were recognized as National Promising Practices.  Those programs, the Student Improvement Group, the Character Development Program, and the Martial Arts Character Program, set the stage for a full-scale culture change at the Pennsauken Campus of Camden County Technical Schools where I worked.  When the principal position became available, I was excited to continue the traditions that we started and I was eager to mentor the Gloucester Township Campus with their Character Education Programs.  Soon they were named a State School of Character and a National School of Character.  When the opportunity came up, I transferred to the Gloucester Township Campus to help shift their culture the way my team was able to at Pennsauken.

Innovative Ideas

Student Improvement Group – this group at the Pennsauken Campus of the Camden County Technical Schools meets monthly.  It is for targeted at risk students.  These students are identified by teachers, counselors, parents, and administrators for academic, social, behavioral, attendance, and other issues.  The group focuses on helping students take personal responsibility for all aspects of their life and education.  Students are recognized for their positive accomplishments and support each other’s education.

Character Development Program – this program is a suspension alternative.  Instead of being suspended and missing out on education, students stay after school with a staff member for three hours.  These students are given academic support, counseling, character education activities, and the opportunity to work collaboratively to better each other.

Martial Arts Character Program – this is a program based in the discipline and structure taught in traditional Martial Arts.  The staff members who teach this program are former professional fighters who are not educators.  They help the students take responsibility for their actions and rely on non-violent conflict resolution methods.  The students in the program are some of the best in the school and some of the most at risk.  These students work together for the common goal of helping others and them selves.

Community Involvement

I have been a Martial Arts Instructor for many years.  I teach a mix of Karate, Brazilian Jiu Jitsu, Judo, and boxing.  As a Black Belt at Full Circle Martial Arts and a Blue Belt in Brazilian Jiu Jitsu under Professor Ken Brach (Team Balance), I have the opportunity to work with great kids and give them the confidence, strength, and discipline that goes along with martial arts.  I also compete in Brazilian Jiu Jitsu and Mixed Martial Arts on a regular basis with wins in many regional competitions.

I am also a 3rd Degree Knight of Columbus and have volunteered with the Rutgers Domestic Violence Project and the Camden Tax Help Project.


Greg is married to his wonderful wife Marianne and has four kids, Kate, 17, Stephanie 15, Gregory 13, and Grace 10.


Sean Bradley

Digital Marketing and SEO Specialist

Sean V. Bradley CSP is a worldwide, expertly trained Consultant, Speaker and Trainer. He is a 5-time NADA/ATD convention speaker, FranklinCovey Certified Facilitator, National Speakers Association member, where he recently received his CSP designation, and a State Association Speaker and Trainer. Sean has so many accomplishments, it’s hard to list them all. Sean started Dealer Synergy over 10 years ago, but has been in the automotive industry over 15 years. He has spoken at over 100 NCM and NADA 20 Groups.

Sean learned the business from the ground up. Beginning as a sales consultant, he has since held positions at dealerships as Sales Manager, Internet Sales Manager, Special Finance Manager and Business Development Director. At his first dealership, he averaged over 30 units per month, taking the sale from start to finish. On the heels of his success, Sean was recruited to a Dealer Group, Pine Belt Automotive, where he moved their Nissan/Kia/Cadillac store from 20 units per month online to over 110! He repeated those results two years later when he took over the Internet Department of a major Nissan store in the Philadelphia market, and grew their volume from 27 to over 100 units per month.

Sean V. Bradley knows the automotive industry. He has studied what works, and in turn, developed a guaranteed system to make your dealership more profitable. He has the tools for you to be successful and he can make your dealership the best it can be.


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