Consulting with  Purpose

We conduct on site assessments to give a data based snapshot of where you organization is and where it is heading.  We base our assessment on your needs survey.  From there, our educational consultants create a custom enhancement package that can be tailored to community culture, non-profit awareness building, PLCs, District and School Policy, Risk Management, and Budgeting.

Digital Marketing Plan

This step is a new and exciting plan that allows your to show the world the great things it is doing.  We have the experience and partners who know how to crack the digital codes to ensure that you will get the maximum exposure. This creative method of creating a positive buzz around your organization that allows the community to know exactly how hard you are working.  We have the tools to help you start a plan that will lead to more community support, more board support, higher satisfaction from the community, and higher property values.

Standing out from the crowd

Win Some Awards!

We have written award applications for organization and we wold like to help you win!  Do you think your organization should be recognized for an award?  We have written National School of Character Award winning applications.  Do you do something great?  You should be recognized for a Promising Practice.   Do you think you have what it takes to be a Blue Ribbon School?  We can help.  After we conduct our consultation assessment, we will be able to custom tailor awards applications to match what your organization should be recognized for.


Commitment to Your Organization – Non-Profit/Schools/Associations

We are educators who are willing to take Extreme Ownership of your organizational climate, your community relations, and your reputation.  We will raise the climate, make your organization more visible, and help you win awards.  This is what we have been doing for over twenty years.

Next Steps. . .

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